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M2C ExpertControl specializes in software development, systems consulting and project management for IT projects in the fields of telematics, automotive technology, medical technology and M2M (machine to machine) communication with a special emphasis on mobile communications. The fields of deployment range from applied research to product implementation for safety-critical real-time systems. M2C stands for “model to code” and makes explicit reference to our special competency in model-based software development.

A further focus of M2C ExpertControl is model-based software development using MATLAB®, Simulink® and Stateflow® from MathWorks®. In this context we stand for rigorous requirements engineering and automated generation of high-quality test cases, while at the same time reducing development times and overall costs.

M2C ExpertControl GmbH was founded in 2008 in a merger of several independent enterprises and self-employed experts. The resulting network of experts in various disciplines ensures that we can provide adequate competencies and find optimal solutions for our customers.

To meet the requirements of integrated solutions, M2C ExpertControl provides professional services in the fields of software and applications management, systems analysis and architecture, and software verification and validation. Holistic solutions are only possible through the provision and coordination of all of these domains.

M2C ExpertControl has at its command notable experience in the following areas:

  • Modelling and simulation of dynamic systems in Simulink® and Stateflow®
  • Automatic C code generation for real-time compatible embedded systems using Real-Time Workshop® Embedded Coder
  • Development of embedded targets for the Embedded Coder for target-specific C code generation
  • Conversion of floating point models to fixed point
  • Rapid prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop using xPC target
  • Test automation using Simulink® Verification and Validation, as well as Model Advisor extensions
  • Requirements engineering with consistency from requirement to source code (via model)
  • Processing GPS data and digital maps in MATLAB® and Google Earth
  • Operating Windows-based transactions systems and SQL databases
  • Development of algorithms (e.g. for processing geographic data) using MATLAB®
Implementation of an interoperational, comprehensive demonstrator for electronic toll collection (GPS/GPRS) in France, Germany and Austria. Creation of a toll demonstrator for the Swedish ARENA test field using the implementation of an algorithm for time, location and street category recognition (time-distance-place).
Model-based software design, simulation and implementation of a controller for the synchronous linear drive of a rollercoaster.
ITK Engineering GmbH
Requirements and test engineering for a leading automotive supplier according to SPICE specifications. In-house training for an automotive supplier in MathWorks Embeded Coder and modelling for code generation. Analysis and evaluation of the development processes and methodologies of a forklift manufacturer. Software code analysis of an X-ray machine for a leading manufacturer of medical technology products. Real-Time Workshop® embedded target and Simulink® CAN blockset for an MPC555x-based CAN gateway.
Embedded code production and evaluation for an automotive supplier. Assessment of the workflow for floating-point to fixed-point conversion of models and implementation of a fixed-point advisor prototype.
Nokia Siemens Networks
Specification of the NSN Smart Objects Laboratory including the required hardware and software, as well as the staffing requirements for implementation and operation.
Sanef Tolling U.K.
Provision of 100 vehicle toll devices (GPS/GPRS) and a central proxy for a two-year field test with the British Department for Transport, including an algorithm to differentiate all street categories (time-distance-place)
Vodafone Group R&D

Research activities for road toll system solutions including vehicle devices on GPS and GPRS basis, as well as a centralised proxy solution. The solution was deployed in a variety of demonstrators, including in the DIRECTS project of the British Department for Transport in collaboration with Halliburton KBR, as well as for the Bristol toll demonstrator.

Development of a route identification algorithm for the British “Lorry Road Usage Charging” RF P. The solution was successful tested and accepted in the qualification phase. The tests were monitored by Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise (HMCE), U.K.

Collaboration on the project “Anders Betalen voor Mobiliteit” of the Netherlands Ministry for Transport. M2C ExpertControl supplied the contents for function, technology and costs, as well as the section Innovation of the final report.
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Technology tests initiated by Transport for London (TfL). Supply of GPS/GPRS vehicle devices for urban tolling systems.

We are currently looking to hire students majoring in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or computer science with interest and know-how in model-based software development, especially with MATLAB® or Simulink® experience, for exciting projects in the automotive and medical technology fields. Place of work: Offenberg near Munich.

We are permanently looking for committed employees who want to push forward into new areas with an ability to quickly analyse complex situations and reliably implement them as software solutions. Please feel free to contact us.

M2C ExportControl GmbH
Buchberger Straße 40
94560 Offenberg
Phone +49-(0)9905-8161
Fax +49-(0)9905-707763

Dr. Christian Robl
Modelling and simulation, project management

Thomas Freissler
Modelling and simulation

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